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  • Mamta

    November 1, 2021 at 11:58 AM

    Over a few decades, the sport became more famous and gained lots of popularity among the people. However, people are more interested in men’s sport than women’s sport. This essay will discuss the reasons for it. In my opinion, this has a negative impact on the career of women players.

    There are lots of reasons for this discrimination. First and foremost is the male dominated society. From the last many years, men have been thinking that they are superior to females and they only have the right to do activities such as job, enjoyment and many more. One the other hand, females are meant for household chores and they are to obey their rules. So, if women want to do something for their careers, men don’t like it and do not support them. That is why they get less attention in every field. Similarly, the government hardly promotes sports related to females and provides them a platform to prove themselves.

    To suppress the talent of the women players, males generally do not want to see them growing. This is a very negative situation because it shows our society still has the problem of gender equality. Females do not get a chance to show their talent and creativity. They feel frustrated and ashamed to be a woman. Furthermore, they think that they are not up to men. Mostly female athletes who participate in any sport feel inferior as the reason they dropped out.

    In conclusion,

    females get less chance to prove themselves in sports because of the mentality of society and the promotion process. Sometimes they are not equally treated as men resulting in irritation and depression. According to me, this is a negative development because it shows we still live in a gender discriminating society.

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