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  • Surekha

    November 3, 2021 at 12:06 AM

    In present times, in nations across the world, a dwindling number of people opt for teaching as a profession. The desire to teach at the secondary level is even less prevalent. The essay believes that the primary reasons for this phenomenon are the low-income levels of teachers and the declining respect they command in contemporary society. The essay elaborates upon these reasons and proposes solutions, followed by a logical conclusion.

    In numerous countries, the lure of teaching among people has declined as their salaries that are given to them are incommensurate with the high-aspirational lifestyle of today’s youth. Salaries are far more lucrative in sectors such as legal, banking and engineering. Furthermore, there is an increasing trend among parents to interfere in their child’s schooling. The inputs of teachers in shaping the learning and personality of the students is often questioned by parents, who disagree with the instructional mode of teaching that is still prevalent in many institutions. The increasing commercialisation of education in many countries, including India, has meant that parents view learning as a commodity and the teacher as a mere seller of a product, who can be directed and in case of disagreement, even dispensed with.

    The primary means of rectifying this problem is to hike the salary of teachers, so that the best minds can once again be attracted to this profession and teaching is no longer seen as a back-up career. Another way is to publicly recognise the contribution of good teachers. While the success of students is rewarded through certificates and medals, there is no similar recognition for teachers. Beyond the token respect accorded to them on Teachers’ Day, there is a need to highlight their positive efforts in catering to a diverse body of students and helping each of them attain par.

    In conclusion, it can be said that the lustre of teaching should be enhanced by remedying the situation vis-à-vis the low incomes offered to them as well as acknowledging their contribution to a child’s success.

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