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  • hari

    November 4, 2021 at 2:35 PM

    The media has the authority to share the private details of famous people. Can the media do this? I certainly do not agree with this statement. Let me bolster my viewpoint with a couple of examples and followed by my conclusion.

    To begin with, although the media has the right to disseminate information to the people, sharing unsolicited details of the personal lives of well-known people can damage their reputation and stress them out. For instance, Famous actor Sanjay Dutt had confessed that he was mentally upset when the media not only shared his personal details but his family was also under the scanner even before he was found guilty under the TADA case. Consequently, by the time he was released, his family’s image had been tarnished and they underwent immense pressure.

    Secondly, occasionally, the situations could go worse due to the unnecessary intervention into the personal lives of celebrities. For example, due to rumours circulated between love-affair of regional actors Tarun and Aarti Agrawal on social media, the latter resorted to suicide. Had the media put a restraint on this information, life would not have been lost. Thus, the situation got aggravated.

    To sum up, while media has the right to publicize information, it does not have any right to torment celebrities and attenuate the situations of the celebrities lives. Alternatively, it can take permission from celebrities to help the cause.

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