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  • Yanshi

    November 5, 2021 at 5:09 PM

    These days, it has become essentially popular for people to look through customer reviews and experiences before carrying forward a purchase of an online product. I resonate with the fact that these reviews can significantly help us in making a right choice and avoiding any future regret. This essay will further ponder over how online feedback becomes a crucial tool in online shopping.

    With the advancement of technology, a lot of basic activities such as shopping are now being carried forward via various online platforms. However, with the comfort and convenience, also comes the insecurity and threat of the product not being up to the standards as there is no way for the costumer to have a first hand experience of the quality of an item, through the screen. Moreover, it is a prevalent practice for the online websites to add only superficial information of the product without going into much details. Therefore, public feedback acts as a perfect source of reassurance for the costumer to decide whether or not the product is worth buying.

    These days, costumers have a plethora of options that they need to make a choice from, but sometimes this privilege can turn into a balloon of confusion and dilemma, leaving the costumer baffled. In such situations, online reviews play a crucial role in pulling one out of this confusion by providing a means to compare different experiences and make the best decision. Furthermore, majority of the websites provide the option to share pictures as well, thus giving a more real life experience and helping in ending the dilemma.

    In conclusion, it is definitely a privilege to have the access to public views and opinions regarding a particular product, that certainly needs to be taken advantage of by all means. It leaves no room for any confusion or dilemma and amplifies the user experience.

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