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  • Shahbaz

    November 7, 2021 at 1:13 PM

    * “explore on views” (the verb ‘explore’ is usually not used with any prepositions. We just say ‘explore something’)

    * “to take pretty much about everything in their day to day lives” (did you mean to write ‘take’ here? That does not make sense to me. The noun ‘take’ with the meaning ‘opinion’ (what’s your take?) cannot be used as a verb . It should be ‘to give [one’s] take’ )

    * “It is indeed become” (It has indeed become) [ ‘It is become’ would be wrong. In spoken language as well as in contracted forms ‘it has become’ and ‘it is become’ is usually ‘it’s become’ ]

    * The first body paragraph details the prevalence and popularity of online reviews. The question is ‘are they the most useful tool to use when making a purchase? ‘. The first body paragraph should start answering this question. This is an important point and if there is any question regarding this point please do raise it in the class.

    * ‘customer reviews is a great tool’ (are a great tool)

    * Score : 4.5/6 Apart from a few slips, there is excellent grammatical control and range. Similarly, the use of vocabulary is also very advanced and natural. At the same time, the sequencing and development of ideas is very weak and can be improved quite a lot.

    Since we only have 250 words and 40 minutes to complete the test, most IELTS experts recommend introducing a point first and then elaborating in with explanations or examples.

    In this essay, I think the main point in the second paragraph was ‘reviews can be useful, but there are dangers to be aware of’. I would first present this point in a straightforward manner and then go on to explain it. You can check out the sample essays to see how this is done.

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