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  • Shahbaz

    November 9, 2021 at 11:28 AM

    * ‘on the website’ (when you say ‘on the website’ that would be usually understood as ‘on one particular website’. I have noticed this problem before. I recommend reading about the use of articles and plural nouns.

    * “I completely agree with this opinion, it helps to buy the..” (The comma here should have really been a full stop. The two clauses are completely independent and they both stand as separate sentences. )

    * Since the question is ‘Are customer reviews the most useful tool to use when making a purchase?’ It is not necessary to discuss both sides of the issue. It is okay to present a mixed opinion if you are able to present them in a well-developed way. I just wanted to point out that presenting both views is only necessary in a ‘discuss both views’ or ‘advantages and disadvantages’ type essay.

    * ‘a trust’ (in this context, ‘trust’ is not countable – I would have written ‘they develop trust’ or something to that effect)

    * ‘ in online’ (‘online’ can be used without any prepositions. )

    * ‘the reviews has been placed’ (have been) [There were more instances of ‘subject-verb agreement’ problems in the essay]

    * ‘regarding ambiance fell into a particular’ (fall into) <- because we are talking about this in a general way. The simple present tense would make more sense.

    Score : 4.24/6 ( The task was addressed and the ideas were relevant. The problems with grammar are very noticeable )

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