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  • Shadab

    November 9, 2021 at 10:07 PM

    A lot of people have the opinion that some people buy new things after they see the advertisement even they do not have any requirement for such product This essay will agree that We encourage by advertisement to buy new products even it is not useful.

    First of all, in today’s world, we are regularly using the internet in our home as well as the office, and we saw so many advertisements on a regular basis. Once you check out any new product they keep sending you the reminder as an advertisement on your social pages till you do not buy it. for instance one of my friend who works with an international company have so many watches and he bought all these after watching the advertisement and he never wear maximum of them.

    On the other hand, people buy a lot of things which is cheap or available in the sale, While visiting the market or malls with the family for any other reason like watching movie or Dinner, Still, they buy some clothes or other products because it is available at a discount, later on, they realise that they actually not have any requirement for the purchased product. for example, whenever I go out with my wife she purchases many things without any planning, last week she bought an LCD because it was available at a 50% discount although it is still packed because we already have two.

    In Conclusion, Advertisement has a big role in our life for buying the things which are not useful or require in our life we buy the things because we saw them everywhere like on TV, Internet and in the market.

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