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  • Barkha

    November 10, 2021 at 5:14 PM

    Shift workers often face issues due to working odd hours on an extended basis. These workers might have difficulties in their lifestyles which needs attention. This essay will discuss some problems that they might encounter and state possible solutions.

    Adults who work night shifts usually suffer from insomnia which results in health issues. As these people stay awake at night working hard, they find it extremely difficult to sleep during the day when the whole world is on the run. This lack of sleep creates health issues because it becomes very hard for them to eat at night-time, and they are unable to feed themselves during the day. Another problem that these employees may stumble upon is losing concentration due to irregular timings at work, which is also indirectly a related to insomnia.

    Some of these problems might be solved by following a proper routine when it comes to sleep and eating habits. Night shift workers must ensure they follow a strict sleeping schedule by keeping alarms if required and not being disturbed during their rest time. Simultaneously, a healthy diet should be adhered to with minimum of 3 meals either during the day or night. Lastly, for people with jobs that involve shifts, it is recommended to keep a diary or a to-do list so even if they get distracted, they can always refer to these notes.

    In conclusion, people who work shifts must have a plan in place to tackle problems such as insomnia, concentration loss and health issues. A considerable amount of sleep is required and skipping meals is not an option. As a precaution, it is a good idea to keep a work journal just in case people lose focus.

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