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  • Shahbaz

    November 11, 2021 at 11:37 AM

    * ‘Due to this, people work in multinational companies and people work in night shifts.’
    Although ‘work in night shifts’ might not be incorrect, ‘work night shifts’ (without the preposition ‘in’ ) is also correct.

    * ‘people work in multinational companies and people work in night shifts’ ( I think sentence would have looked a lot better as ‘people work night shifts in multinational companies’.

    * ‘face some serious challenges in their life related to health and safety ‘ A better word order would be ‘face some serious challenges related to health and safety in their life’

    * ‘sleep well in the daytime’ ( I think ‘sleep well during the day’ is much better)

    * ‘Lack of sleep also affected their meals routine’ (It should be ‘Lack of sleep also affects’ because we are not talking about something that only happened in the past)

    * ‘take adequate sleep’ ( I don’t think ‘take sleep’ is correct)

    * ‘digestion system’ (If I’m not wrong, it’s ‘digestive system’. Here, we can also say ‘to ensure healthy digestion’)

    * ‘For women’s safety, companies provide a cab facility’ (since this was a recommendation. ‘For women’s safety, companies should provide cab facility’ is better)

    Score : 4.5/6

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