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  • Rekha

    November 19, 2021 at 7:49 AM

    Due to modernization and technological development in the world, the availability of the internet has made it extremely easy the way data is being exchanged and utilized. Whereas, along with the benefits it came up with significant risks. The below paragraphs provide evidence of the problems and solutions associated with information sharing over the internet.

    First of all, due to the vast amount of data that are available in the internet, it is increasing the hacking numbers per day and cyber threats. For example, a few months ago there was a major cyber-attack on the government website that exposed all the military information of the country. Not only the government official websites but also many other commercial and technological companies are encountering this issue. Along with that, due to too much availability of information over internet causes the risk where a child can access potential harmful sites. One of the examples of such harmful sites would be porn websites where children can easily register and acknowledge their age. This would definitely affect their thoughts, development, future, and eventually to society.

    There are some solutions to the problems discussed in the above paragraph by taking necessary precautionary measures. Government and organizations need to have a strong IT security system that could review the architecture and protect their internal data such as by using strong passwords, encrypting data. In addition, the government needs to pass necessary cyber security rules and regulations that would tighten these cyber-criminal attacks. Furthermore, it is important for parents to ensure that kids are not accessing porn sites and track their usage and the websites being used.

    To conclude, as there are both pros and cons for every development that’s happening in the modern world, it is an individual’s responsibility to use it ethically. However, by following the right guidelines and appropriate actions it would be a powerful tool for everyone to use.

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