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  • Divya C.

    December 1, 2021 at 6:26 PM

    Now a days a great many film stars / celebrities are giving opinions on the topics unrelated to their profession. Depending on the topic which they handle it can create both positive and negative impact.

    Thinking about the positive aspect ,first i would like to mention the influence these people have on the society. Celebrities and film stars are very well aware about the social issues happening around. Most of them opine about these issues especially through social media without any fear and many of them have even given their full support to fight against these. For example many of them have raised their voices against the generations old dowry system and as a result Government has started anti dowry campaigns and have formulated strict laws against those demanding dowry.

    Secondly, Now a days apart from social issues they even talk about the problems that may effect this planet. IN short, about anything happening under the sky and above. Most of the public figures, for example, De caprio, Bill gates have expressed their concern about causes of natural calamities and the need for quick and effective remedial solutions to these problems. As a result action and plans have been proposed for the same.

    To conclude ,Undoubtedly, the voices and views of the film stars and celebrities on matters other than their profession have a positive effect but at the same time it can also create a negative impact, since some of their ideas and thoughts can stir religious conflicts and sometimes may dishonor the values of our nation.

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