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  • ahmet

    December 4, 2021 at 7:13 PM

    Most people think that urban life introduces more convenience as opposed to what rural life can possibly offer. It is completely agreed that residing in a metropolis is significantly advantageous while an inhabitant of a small town or a village might face serious drawbacks. This essay will examine firstly, what prospects cities might bring to individuals’ lives, secondly their positive effects on human psychology; followed by a well-reasoned conclusion.

    Firstly, developed cities enable people to reach their dream jobs by offering various workplaces such as restaurants, business centers, and universities whereas rural life has limited job opportunities, meaning that a talented person who seeks to be a famous musician is unable to hone his skills in a small town where only farming or other basic occupations are available. In this sense, large cities create an environment for youth to pursue a career based on their aspirations and interests.

    Furthermore, in sharp contrast to the popular idea that urban life is posing some risks in terms of mental health, it is undeniably true to vocalize that amusement facilities and rehabilitation centers in cities may lead to a better quality of life as compared to sparsely populated hometowns where bigotry and oppression are the fundamental parts of society. Most importantly, people who have mental and physical disorders can be treated thanks to hospitals and medical centers while small towns are deprived of healthcare services.

    In conclusion, living in large cities might provide a better quality of life through endless career prospects and liberty which helps people find their pursuits according to their aspirations, unlike small communities which only impose their own norms. I completely agree that individuals should be motivated to reside in large cities.

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