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  • isha

    December 10, 2021 at 10:28 AM



    Any product can be provoke instead write ‘can provoke ‘Any product can provoke customers to buy no matter if they need it or not it is with a use of advertisement.

    You can start with this -Power of advertisement is the major reason behind people buying products irrespective of their need for it.

    This essay completely agrees with the concept that good customers pass on their good feelings to others.- This sentence is not in sync with the actual essay topic.

    In this introduction thesis part is not clear and the side that you are taking here.

    Body Paragraph 1

    -brand ‘named’ instead of brand name

    -recently launched. It is – Full stop will complete it

    Few Grammatical errors are here.

    Body Paragraph 2

    high charges… that product is worth’ buying’ rather than ‘selling’

    Use ‘common people’ instead of the general people


    In conclusion, assert your stand one more time regarding the main question with overall conclusion.

    In lexical resources words like popular commodities, consumers’ perspective,marketing gimmick , Incremental sales,endorsed etc could be used.

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