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  • Elena

    December 13, 2021 at 1:23 AM

    Some people argue that it is always better to reward pupils in their achievements to perform better, rather than punish them.
    I completely agree ,I support this idea. Giving some motivation for students in their accomplishments always helps them to be interested in any subjects.

    To begin with , I would like to mention that , from the childhood we love to hear good words about ourselves from adults . When it comes to school , every word that teacher will say to you , will affect your behavior and lives in the future. For instance , if teacher give some reward to students for theirs well-done homework , it will always motivate them to continue to do homework and improve themselves . In addition, it will also encourage children go to school with pleasure.

    To go further , I would like to say that punishment always cause psychological problems for child . Some people believe that punishments will increase the chances of learning more , but instead they get a child who is disinterested in everything .For example , pupils who got punished at school ,will usually avoid going to school at all costs, further , child will feel embarrassed to do any mistakes , he will lose motivation and self-confidence . In addition he will have social problems with others in the future . 

    In conclusion , I think give reward instead of punishment has many advantages . Everyone love receive rewards no matter who you are a child or adult .It makes us happy .

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