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  • Kenya

    December 21, 2021 at 10:07 AM

    Giving good education is a dream of every parent to their children. Some prefer to send them to abroad in one of the best universities of the world for getting better knowledge and experience. Although it have a huge impact on parent’s pocket. There are several of advantages and dis advantages of this which i will discuss in upcoming paragraphs.

    Firstly , sending children to abroad makes them independent. When children goes to abroad they cant be lenient towards their duties. For example going to university and completing their work. So they become more punctual in life. Moreover, children gets to their own and have to work for their expansions and better living. They learn how to earn money and its value. If they are earning them self they avoid doing unnecessary expensive. They gain better education, confidence and essential life skills which will helps them when they come back to their home town and run there own business.

    There are some disadvantages of this as well , sometime while studying in abroad and doing jobs children adopt foreign culture and avoid coming back to their home town as it is very difficult for the single child parents in old age. In addition to that , some children gets more indulge with their friends as compared to parents and give preference to friends instead of family. Even parents cant keep a look on their children and they can be a part of a bad company. Moreover its very expensive and its not able for all parents to afford.

    To sum up this essay, there are several advantages and disadvantages of sending children to abroad as i discussed. It depends on the family situation as some wants their children to settle down in abroad and others want them to gain advanced knowledge, studies,confidence and use it in their family business for further development.

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