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  • kartik

    December 23, 2021 at 2:03 PM

    In the last decade or so , we have seen an immense increase in the number of pupils being sent abroad for education. Numerous student exchange programs have become popular amongst children, who wish to gain an international exposure in their years of growth.

    There are several advantages that are related to an experience abroad. Firstly, A stint abroad exposes children to a different culture, often pushing them out of their comfort zones. This is proven to aid in their overall personality development. For instance, whilst completing my masters in the UK, I came across people from various cultures, speaking different languages, leading to drastic change in my pre-conceived notions, about living with family for the rest of our lives.
    A major impact that students especially from conservative thought process experience, is the immense independence that they witness. Students who have never indulged in part-time jobs often face a lot of issues to embrace the newer environment.

    Since education abroad can be highly expensive, it can often put parents and children in huge financial burdens. Moreover, the uncertainty surrounding the immigration rules , could have a long-term impact on students and parents making this choice. Their is also a high possibility of children being sidetracked after witnessing a more open and accepting culture. We have seen numerous examples of immigrants who disassociate themselves from their country of origin and forgetting their roots.

    To conclude, I thoroughly believe that parents should encourage children to immerse in different environments, whether it is through an education abroad or a student exchange program. But it is also important to set the correct expectations, before embarking on this journey.

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