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  • Yusra

    December 26, 2021 at 11:11 PM

    Advertising has been a debatable topic over the past few years where many people believe that it persuades the purchase of stuff that we may not even require but at the same time there are many who say that these new products can also bring comfort in our lives. I strongly believe that advertising does help us in getting to know about new technologies, innovations, and essentials that can better our day-to-day lives.

    Firstly, advertisements are the leading cause of 60% of sales in the market because the first step toward selling a product is spreading awareness about it. One in three people in today’s world have access to either the internet or television systems and as a result, when a person is given an insight into a product through these mediums, he or she can make a decision based on their need and financial condition to purchase that product. This is a great development for human beings where they can decide what they wish to have for themselves.

    Secondly, with the increase in the variety of products in the market, consumers are now given a choice to make between all the products based on price, quality, quantity, and effectiveness. This has helped the producers to understand the feedback of various classes and categories of customers to better understand the expectations of their customers. Hence, I believe it is a process of enrichment of both the producers and consumers.

    To conclude, majority of the people would not have known about multiple things that can bring about a change in the functioning of their lifestyles if advertisements hadn’t grown in the past few decades which has helped the advertising industry to grow.

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