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  • Ayush

    December 27, 2021 at 11:21 PM

    Majority individuals believe that outdoor activities and sports do have a positive impact on children’s development than playing games on computer. This essay will illustrate both, the pros of outdoor activities and the impact of playing e-games on the child’s development followed by my personnel opinion.

    Sports and physical activities drive a release of endorphins which helps in alleviating stress thus making an individual feel enchanted all during the day. These activities should be added in a daily schedule from early childhood and the same should be mentored by the teachers and parents so that the kid can cultivate it as a hobby. It has been observed that the students who indulge themselves regularly in sports are much more active and even score better in examinations than the ones who do not impart their time in outdoor activities.

    This modern era of revolution, where technology has played a vital role, has impacted children to engage themselves in playing computer games thus falling in a trap of this addiction. Majority of these games are addictive and children spend most of their leisure time playing these games. This sitting job of playing games gets feed inside the subconscious mind and the child often tends to think the same each time which can further lead to neurological disorders. It has been reported that certain students of asian origin who have spent most of their time playing games have developed conditions like post dramatic stress syndrome, short term memory loss, etc.

    To conclude, I strongly believe that children should engage themselves in outdoor activities where they can physically workout and remain fit and healthy. Moreover, children should spent least time playing games on computers as those games are really addictive and generally students can fall in this trap.

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