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  • Shanthala

    December 28, 2021 at 10:30 AM

    It is observed that these days, there has been an increasing trend that many people are prefering to consume cuisines from different parts of the world than locally prepared food.This is because of globalisation.In my opine,this is a positive trend to support international trade and also to satisfy people’s taste buds.

    Due to globalisation,students who studied abroad have exposure to foreign culture and its famous cuisines.So, they crave to have those cuisines often in their home country.To meet this demand,many eateries of international origin have flourished near colleges and IT companies.These eateries are offering students and IT employees plethora of international cuisines to satisfy their taste buds and also to experience a feel good factor of trying food which is not locally originited.For an instance,in a recent study published in a local news paper suggested that these days more youngsters prefer to eat noodles than dosa for supper.

    It is certainly a good development for international trade to increase their consumer base across the globe.This also gives exposure to local markets to franchise international food to local people.Besides,this trend also brings positive impact on home country’s economy by hosting international food festival which can cater to people’s need.With this exposure, of different international foods in their home counrtry,youngsters can easily adapt international cusinine when they travel abroad for higher education without any hassle.

    To conclude,this increasing trend gives exposure to local people to experience different cultures and also satisfy their taste buds.Truly,globalisation has created positive impact on international trade.Because,it gives an opportunity to people to satisy their needs to consume international cusine.

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