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  • Pavitra

    December 31, 2021 at 3:11 PM

    In my opinion, even though the number of people are adapting to the internet in increasing day by day, still vast number of people prefer the newspaper as their main source of receiving news. This is because some people still cannot gain access to internet totally or even understand it overall.

    There are many places where there is no internet provided but only newspapers are supplied on a daily basis, like the rural areas located far away from the city/urban area. For example, I had once visited a village in Rajasthan for a school project in which we had learn about their lifestyle and culture in detail and make notes about it. I was shook and amazed to know that there was no internet or telecommunication facilities there until last month. Although they were provided with these modern facilities, they were rigid with their decision on not improvising and adapting to the newer generation as it could affect their life in a negative manner. They said every basic necessity was provided to them and they did not require and would never manifest for any technological development.

    Taking everything into consideration I believe that some people have a taboo about the new technological development being a negative influence to the coming new generation and would affect them in a negative way. So they would prefer their old lifestyle and habits.

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