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  • Rutul

    January 9, 2022 at 5:21 PM

    One of the most debatable topics of discussion in recent times is, Have we arrived at the virtual world of online education and work from home? Lots of people are agreed with this notion while there are some who express disagreement with this. This essay will discuss both stances before presenting my consensus.

    From the past few years, especially from the last 2 years when Covid-19 emerge as a pandemic, the traditional culture of work and education faced complete changeover. The long practiced working culture of work from the office and education in the classroom shifted to work from home and virtual online class culture. Due to this abrupt shift people all around the world faced major challenges for which they were not prepared. Parents had to have an individual cell phone/ laptop for each child, which put an extra financial burden on them. Many working professionals had to buy a stable internet connection and computer hardware for a high amount to ensure their job. Other than this, the very high demand for internet connectivity and smart device put challenges in front of industries to ensure the balance supply-demand in services.

    On the other hand, these changes led to various merits for the student and working professional. Students can learn more deeply through these online mediums and professionals can work from home in the comfortable environment of a home. This led to an important aspect of the recovery of the earth’s atmosphere, as the largest portion of transportation used for commuting to work came to a very low percentage. These enhance the quality of air and also improve the global warming condition as consumption of fossil fuel experienced the bottom level. Highest enhancement of virtual world experienced in the education system as the entire activity transfer to virtual medium. Right from admission to getting the degree moved to a virtual medium. More professionals would be able to enhance their professional expertise through various online courses and advances in their careers.

    It is apparent from the above point that both views have their own clarification which led to an altercation. I, however, agree with the notion that the virtual world is a reality and we must embrace it.

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