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  • kartik

    January 10, 2022 at 2:06 PM

    A major problem faced by metropolitan cities around the world is the traffic congestion encountered by them ,on a daily basis. This can be accounted to an exponential rise in population, which in turn leads to more people opting for private vehicles and lack of proper city planning. Some solutions to curb this problem are by encouraging the use of public transport and better government initiatives.

    In the last decade, we have seen an enormous rise in population numbers. More people has meant that there are more vehicle buyers, which has been a major reason for the problem of traffic congestion ,in cities around the world. Due to this reason, most countries in the world are struggling to offer better road infrastructure, as there is an ever-growing need, which is often difficult to fulfil. Moreover, Lack of city planning in most developed and developing economies has worsened this issue.

    Betterment of public transport and establishment of government initiatives are pivotal in solving this problem. Ensuring public transport is affordable and connected has already shown phenomenal results in cities like London and Sydney, where traffic numbers has halved in the last 5 years. Government’s need to take stringent measures and initiatives ,like creating traffic free zones and only walking / areas ,around high streets. We have recently seen cities like Delhi and Beijing taking up the odd-even initiative, whereby only certain vehicles are allowed on the road, on a particular day.

    To conclude, It is imperative to control the problem of traffic jams with innovative and stricter measures, keeping in mind the manifold issues it might cause to our future generations.

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