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  • sriranjini

    January 24, 2022 at 7:39 AM

    Most people would believe that preserving the environment is liable to the government but they are by no means only their responsibility, as we shall see.

    Admittedly, Government plays a key role in safeguarding the environment and working on measures to secure it for future generations. However, they should introduce more legislations to mitigate the alarming issues such as air pollution, water pollution etc. To illustrate, there should be some laws which encourages big manufacturers to move from urban areas to villages thereby reducing the fumes produced by them. Furthermore , with the help of technology, government can encourage citizens to recycle the plastic waste which saves the environment from plastic disposal everywhere mainly from waterbodies. For example , Germany has introduced a new method of recycling where if a person disposes five plastic bottles inside a machine, it gives a one pound for free. Now that’s innovative and fun for folks to do as they are also earning through the process and they get a sense of benevolence.

    On the other hand, People should also take equal responsibility in caring for the nature as the world is not made by one. One of the vital problems faced in our surroundings is air pollution which is mainly caused by vehicle emission. People should consider using personal vehicles in rare cases thereby reducing the harmful cases emitted. Cars are major sources of two kinds of pollution such as air and noise pollution. Another opportunity for people to take part in protecting the environment is by low consumption of plastic materials. They can opt for not purchasing things made out of, or packaged using plastics. In addition to this, they can use their own recyclable cloth bags and thereby reducing the production of plastics covers.

    As saving an environment is a big phenomena and it involves a lot of work, mobilizing all possible forces is the only way. To conclude, every individual and government should work together to protect the environment.

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