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  • Vimy

    January 25, 2022 at 2:28 PM
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    The two pie charts depict the proportions of key reasons why people choose to travel by bicycle or by car while travelling for work.

    Overall, the largest proportion of people prefer travelling by car because of Comfort at 40% people following this reason while quite a few people follow bicycle is due to the reason of health & fitness as 30% of people are health conscious, who also believe in pollution free environment.

    However, another major reason for choosing cycling over car, it won’t cause any parking problems by 15% of people but cycling can’t resolve all the issues thus, there’s 14% of people think driving through car only, we can carry needy things to work and car is the safest medium for 11% of people. For 21% of people believe through car only distance to work can be covered in short span, on top of that journey is another key factor, as 14% of people thinks faster journey is important factor compared to 12% of cyclists who finds their bicycle as quick mode of driving.

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