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    January 29, 2022 at 12:17 AM

    In every high school, one subject related money management should be consider in their syllabus. Undoubtedly, I support given statement as it will teach teenagers to be a financially independent. Also, I think this increase country’s overall literacy rate among young adults.

    Importantly, high school student should be able to manage their own money to secure their future from financial losses. They should understand the term such as saving, expenses and many more. More likely, this will help students to explore new area and give them courage to be less dependent on their parents. When I was in the junior college, I used to wait for month end to take my pocket money from my parents as I really struggled to manage my monthly budget.

    Moreover, if we continue teaching financial topics to students in their in their early age automatically it will show growth in the India’s financial literacy rate in young generation. If everyone gain knowledge about money management and apply to their everyday life, eventually this will decrease chances of poverty in country. For example, I have seen many of my friends and colleges battling with their financial problem due to lack knowledge in same subject. Some of them have to suffer through critical situation because of their poor financial management or insufficient savings.

    To summarize, high school student should learn financial management lessons to get financial freedom and minimize financial illiteracy rate in future in our country.

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