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  • Bhargav

    February 10, 2022 at 10:32 AM

    the above graph displays the information of the goods transported in the uk, from the year 1974 to 2002 by four various methods named Road,Water,Rail and pipeline. and the measuring units is mentioned in million tones

    It can be seen that the highest amount of commodities transported was shown by land transportation which was around 70 million tonnes in 1974 to approximately 100 million tonnes in 2002. As a result, it can be stated as a huge improvement among other mentioned transportation.

    similar increasing trend can be seen on goods transported by water and pipeline, they started just below 40 and about 5 million tonnes respectively and rose to just above 60 and above 20 million tonnes in the last year

    An reverse trend can be observed for the goods transported using rail. In 1974, it was exactly 40 million tonnes and declined to about 30 million tonnes in 1984. It then showed a upside downside trend from 1984 to 1995. It raised its bars considerably until the year 2002 and reached its higher range at just over 40 million tonnes.

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