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  • Falak

    February 16, 2022 at 10:59 PM

    school circumplasm (curriculum)

    few don’t agree with the same thought. (this should not be mentioned ; question is not asking to discuss both views )

    Introduction lacks the thesis statement.

    According to me, (In my opinion)/ To commence with,

    he idea to add an activity in children’s academic year (topic sentence is too general as it is including “an activity”)

    if they met (meet) any needy,

    not only (to) humans but (to) animals as well.

    because institutions are (have been) following Swachh Bharat abhyanga for the last 10 years

    it helps the selector to understand the roots of a person (.) furthermore (,) it provides an idea of

    not only of (by) teachers

    Band: 3/6

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