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  • prashanth

    February 20, 2022 at 4:05 PM

    As per the current scenario, life span of people raised gradually because of Technological advancements in Medical field. Due to which there is a direct impact on tax payers income , this essay will discuss both down sides and solutions to reduce burden on younger people.

    Increase in life span of people is a good sign. However, people tend to have more health complications when they age resulting for governments to spend higher budget on medical infrastructure this will impact on National economy. For instance, a survey was conducted by Time Now shows government spent more money on health budget in the given pandemic.

    Authorities need to take few initiatives to keep life easier for tax payers. Firstly medical policies should be made mandate. Secondly income sources for older communities needs to be created, this will reduce pressure on tax payers and economy can boost. General fitness activities for should be implemented in there daily routine to keep them fit. For example Nature Journal published fit people are less prone to injuries.

    To wind up there are few demerits associated with increase in life span, but proper planning from authorities can be a good sign for National economy.

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