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    February 21, 2022 at 11:36 AM

    The illustration shown represents the process of converting raw materials into cement and operation to obtain concrete used for construction activities.

    Overall, the procedure of manufacturing cement, involves a cycle of crushing mixing and grinding of raw materials while concrete used as building essentials is collected by mixing cement along with other natural resources in accurate proportions.

    In the first diagram, the crushed mixture of limestone and clay, received from crusher is sent into the mixer where powder materials are mixed precisely. The extracted elements are then taken through rotating heater where heat is continuously applied on the rotating shaft. The eliminated products are then grinded perfectly on grinder to release cement collected in the bags.

    The second diagram depicts event involved in extracting concrete used for commercial purposes. The process includes utilization of cement withdrawn from first batch of processes. The mixture containing 15% cement alongside 10% water, 25% sand and 50% gravel is sent through a rotating instrument called concrete mixer to withdraw concrete to be used for building chores.

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