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  • Hema

    February 22, 2022 at 1:58 PM

    Generally, people say that we do buy unecessary things under the influence of advertisements and there is other group of people who believe that advertisements are like guide which provides all the relevant information required regarding the product.

    This matter has been contentious from decades. Although, I strongly believe that nowadys advertisements are misleading. Advertisements entice the customers by showcasing unrealistic outcomes of the products which are mostly deceptive. Interstingly, companies are cutting the corners as one of their marketing strategy, thus making it easy to procure for the people for whom it used to be off-limits. Furthermore, advertisement agencies are projecting only positive aspect of products without highlighting the cautious information.

    Undoubtedly, the regulatory or censor board has to select the content meticulously which assist in passing the right information in an appropriate manner. Due to instiable greed of the manufacturer the unconventional route is followed, on contrary to customer friendly approach. Hence, the adverstiments should convey the information in a crystal clear way.

    To summarise, advertisements are good medium to them customer aware of advantages or disadvantages of the product. However, the selection of information should be in a way cautious way, in favour of customer rather than just a bussiness model.

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