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  • Sudhakar

    February 25, 2022 at 9:49 AM

    Even though, producing the enough food for densely populated world using traditional farming methods is a huge challenge, but following the GM foods as an alternative option cannot be a feasible solution as it could have lot of adverse effects in long run and still not proved to be a healthy by any research. Hence, I would strongly disagree to follow the GM foods as an alternative option.

    Firstly, GM foods are derived from organisms by changing their genetics which will be generated under special environments where they use lot of chemicals which will impact the humans in lot of ways, for example when children or infants consume these foods it may create serious lifetime illness. These foods are generated by combining the different genetics of the plants by mutating their genetical roots and adding the chemicals. Which in turn make the foods more danger to consume.

    Secondly, GM foods are not proved by any research as the healthy option, so consuming the foods which are yet not proved to be a healthy is danger. At least we have to wait until there is any research organization approves it as feasible.

    In my opinion, As GM foods will have lot of chemicals and generated under special environments in labs which still in experimental state. These foods have to be assessed properly before making it available for people to consume. I strongly disagree to follow it as a substitute to resolve the world population due to its serious health issues and its unproven methods.

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