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  • Vimy

    February 28, 2022 at 10:29 AM

    Learning is a lifetime process, and it has been debatable subject in the society wherein some people believe that studying through college or university education is must after school as it helps in building a successful career while others believe that it is better to go for a job right after school.

    In the growing years of students life, the best choice he/she could go for is studying at university or college because it act as boon in their overall development and prepare them to face the real world challenges, also helps them to socialise, become creative, maintaining consistency and self discipline. Besides, it makes students to become expertise in a specific field while expanding their domain. Therefore, college education is must for a successful career. For example, if a students wants to join a profession like doctor, lawyer, Chartered Accountant, etc, then it necessary to study in university or college to become such a professional. Thus, it is essential for students right after school to attend colleges or universities.

    On the other hand, going for a job right after school is appealing for several reasons like it makes a person independent and gain real life experience. As a teenager, it helps a person to become independent as he/ she earning their source of income rather than relying on parents to meet their needs while also learning practical experiences of life. For example, Some people join their family business right after school because their only focus is to grow their family business for which there is no need to join college education.

    By concluding it, the above reason provide a solid evidence on both views but in my opinion, studying in college or getting education from a university is best option rather than getting a job right after, as it helps in attaining better career opportunities while also enhancing our overall development.

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