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  • Nancy

    March 1, 2022 at 5:50 PM

    It is considered by some that university education is vital for a prosperous career as it leads expertise as well as professionalism while there are others who think that getting a job just after schooling is a good option as it makes one independent. I strongly believe that higher academic education is crucial for a well paid occupation and it also helps in overall development of a person as he gains vast knowledge and various intellectual skills.

    Firstly, university provides platform to students to socialise with others and gets deep knowledge related to the subjects. For example, many cultural events are organised in which students participate. These events help them in building confidence as well as developing social and intellectual skills. Secondly, university acts a ladder by providing expert materials and advice which make them well experienced in the subject. This also helps them in getting a well paid job in future. For example, some private organisations and even government agencies ask candidates for a higher degree if they want to apply for a job . To apply for UPSC exam, one must possess a graduation degree.

    On the other hand, to do a job , one may not need a higher education but he should be well experienced in the particular field. Job just after schooling helps one in mang ways. It makes one independent to understand the requirements of life and make him financially strong. He doesn’t have to depend on their parents for daily needs. For instance, my brother is doing job just after schooling, he doesn’t need to ask for money from my parents but as i am studying in college, i have to ask them for money. Secondly, it teaches practical life lessons that is how to face financial challenges as well as how to manage budget. For example, one of my school friends joined his family’s grocery shop and that time the shop was bit small. With his hardwork and talent, his took the shop at the greatest zenith and now the shop is converted into a large store. So, this shows that one needs talent and hardwork, not a higher degree to become a successful person.

    To conclude, both views have their positive points but in my opinion,higher education is must not only for a well established career but also for getting social and intellectual skills which are important for life lessons.

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