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  • M M

    March 10, 2022 at 11:29 AM

    Nowadays, the increase in the number of people in the world has raised a problem of feeding this large population. So, a minority thought that genetically modified food would offer the solution for it. I am totally against this concept of GM foods as they have changed the process of yielding, using pesticides for faster yield, etc. Let further have a brief discussion about it.

    First of all, GM foods are type of foods which are grown with some chemicals and ingredients for fast yielding of crop. This may also lead to side affects in human body by consuming it. Humans can face genetic problems in further generations. Yet, some people think this is the optimal solution to feed the whole population.

    secondly, GM foods also lack nutrients as normal food has in it, because of the use of pesticides in fast growth of the crops, the nutrients get killed by those chemicals which leads to less healthy food. Thus, GM food is unhealthy and lack the vitamins and minerals which natural food provides to the human body.

    In my conclusion, I think increasing the pay and strength of farmers and providing them with good equipment for farming is the optimal solution in my opinion to feed the world population. I also think making food corrupted is not what we want to do. The increase in GM food intake can also lead to high death rate of farmers which is another issue . Thus, I totally disagree to the statement that GM foods are the solution for feeding the whole population.

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