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  • Parveen

    March 21, 2022 at 6:46 AM

    Open space designs in which lot of employees can sit and work together are more trendy these days when compared to separate cabins .These designs have more advantages compared to disadvantages. In the following paragraphs , I will elaborate my views on advantages and disadvantages and how it overshadow.

    Firstly, Its cost effective design as it can accommodates more number of employees at a much smaller area .Secondly, it boosts a cooperative environment and helps in team building spirit among employees. For example Apple company which is the most technological advance company have the open space environment design for all its 12000 employees which helps them to share the creative ideas and develop the best products in the world .

    On the other side, this structure is distracting and lacking the privacy. Employees concentration will be disturbed by noises or phone calls if working in communal spaces. Consequently it could impact the overall productivity and efficiency of workers. In addition , the open space also disturb the privacy of the employees. Sometime , it could be inconvenient for the people to do the confidential work or take personal phone calls . As it insist feeling of discomfort among employees.

    In conclusion , despite the disadvantages of distracting and privacy issue the benefits are more both for the employer and employees in the open office structure . Thus advantages overweight disadvantages. In my opinion more and more office will adopt this open space design environment.

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