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  • Falak

    March 21, 2022 at 5:50 PM

    [use both expression of greetings Sir/Madam for formal letters]

    I am writing this letter to complaint about (a product that I have recently purchased from your online portal and surprisingly , it is received in a damaged/broken condition) a broken product received recently bought from your online portal.

    Last Sunday, I have ordered (order) a digital camera Nikon D3500 with the cost of INR- use past indefinite tense in such situation

    [after I had unpacked the package I found out that/I was highly disappointed with the services and quality assurance from the company]

    I ordered it for my trip but it (was quite disappointing as it turns out to be useless for me)) disappointed because of it was useless to me.

    Now I want to return it as my trip was (is) over

    , I (am) requesting to you please make arrangement(s) of (its) return as soon as possible and refund my money

    [yours faithfully]

    work more on grammatical errors /use range of lexical terms to explain points and try to develop the bullet points with explanation as word count is 141 words, hence it is under length which is a question on Task achievement

    keep writing!

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