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  • Ohmkar

    March 23, 2022 at 10:05 AM

    I am ohmkar, a tenant at your green society residence. I am writing this letter to inform you and to seek Immediate attention about the damage to the roof of outside bathroom, broken windows and there was powercut due to the tranformer blast these were series of incidents took place in my residence because of cyclone nilofer since last 3 days.

    I had been living here for 3 years but never had experienced this kind of situation over my past. This Cyclone Nilofer had made me and my community vulnerable with bitter experiences. you know our gated community had significant presence of green cover with trees and plants but now if we see our surroundings it was horrible . All trees and electrical poles were fallen on roads, there is significant loss of property to me and my fellow residents.

    you know I am not able to attend duty since last three days and I am taking now work from home . There is lots of pressure on my shoulders and my children are asking me when you will be sought out problem of broken wall of bathroom and stagnate of drainage near to my premises and we are experiencing bad smell is coming out of it.

    I request you to respond quickly and make necessary arrangements to resolve this problem . You may take help from municipality workers and contractors so as to fix this issue as they were experienced, please respond to my calls or leave at least a message to my request so that I can make necessary arrangements according to it.

    I hope you receive it positively, respond to my request at the earliest

    Yours faithfully,


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