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  • Puneet

    March 28, 2022 at 9:06 AM

    Though financial management is a very important skill but is still a debatable topic whether it should be a part of students’ mandatory curriculum or not. This paragraph will elaborate the importance of financial education in schools.

    To begin with, finance is the most important factor in our life. It is always advisable to teach children about money from a very young age, as it will help them to prepare for future. Furthermore, it also helps to reduce the wastage of money as children get to know about the importance of money.Moreover, now we are seeing that majority of tech changes like introduction of cryptocurrency, NFTs etc, requires the good basic knowledge of finances. In order to remain relevant in this dynamic world , it is important to become financial literate. For example, Cuba becomes the first country to recognize digital currency as a part of legal tender & they have made compulsory for all the classes to teach students about the importance of digital money.

    Another striking benefit in this regard is that money management helps students to become self-reliant as it teaches them to save money instead of wasting it for unnecessary activities. Also, children are considered as the future of any region, and teaching them the skills of money management leads to more financial growth in that region. For instance, Americans are considered as the most finance savvy people because there is a mandatory subject of money management in USA schools.

    In conclusion, according to the arguments aforementioned above one can easily say that financial management is the most important skill that schools should inculcate in curriculum.270 words

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