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  • Nidhi

    April 11, 2022 at 8:59 PM

    Hi Disha,

    I hope you and your family are doing good in these difficult COVID times.

    For the current ongoing COVID situation in our country, I have recently taken an initiative to help people in need by recycling the old but usable products by creating a website where people can post the used products. One of my friend is also a part of this initiative but unfortunately none of us know how to build such website so if you can help us.

    For the basic setup, we will need pictures of few products to start with, like old clothes or maybe unused furniture and for product details, each product post will have minimum of one picture to attach, price, condition of the product, if the price is negotiable or not, etc. To start with, both of us have a few items to sell, or maybe you can also add up a few if you wish. I wish to that maximum number people should be able to use this portal so for that, we will need a very easy format to put up posts, as not all are acquainted with using online websites.

    I visualize the website as it has something which is very user-friendly, yet attractive. The vibe of the website should be catchy, although it is a platform of old products exchange. No one likes to see a mundane page right? I am open to any kind of suggestions or changes and also we can discuss about your charges to create one so both of us get benefited out of this.

    Looking forward to have a word with you and start the process as soon as possible.

    Best Regards,

    Alisha Sharma

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