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  • Shweta

    April 13, 2022 at 7:03 AM

    Nowadays, it has become very common for people to communicate with each other via various offline or online platforms often by using short and basic text messages. Some people opine this will eventually cause the death of grammar and spelling. I completely agree with this opinion because short messages are being used universally and habitually on an everyday basis. The reason will be further discussed and elaborated on in this essay.

    Firstly, the usage of the grammatically incorrect short message is not restricted to a particular place. People all over the world are comfortable using these abbreviated messages while chatting. In addition, this problem is not limited to a language. Many local languages are also getting affected. There are many words in English, for example, good morning and good night are always used in short forms which are not standard abbreviations. Therefore, when a majority starts using the wrong vocabulary subsequently the correct spelling or grammar will vanish in the future.

    Secondly, when people use these grammatically incorrect words continuously there is a high chance that people will forget the original spelling. Although, these short messages are grammatically incorrect they covey the correct meaning in the conversations. Hence, it has become more convenient for everyone to use them quite often. Moreover, those who do not have the proper knowledge of the English language are bound to learn wrong spellings and grammar.

    To conclude, worldwide people are obsessed with these short text messages and they often use them in their daily interactions. Therefore, this may end up resulting in the demise of spelling and grammar.

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