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  • prashanth

    April 14, 2022 at 9:54 PM

    Most parents are enforcing their children to purse higher education abroad this might be due to world class education and exposure to latest technology; however, it has certain drawbacks. In this essay I will discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad.

    Firstly, most renowned universities offer significant courses which are crucial for present and future industrial needs, while these universities focus on practical knowledge rather than theoretical aspects, these learnings can enable a doorway into tech giant companies and bag some lucrative offers. On contrary, in recent years firms like Google, Twitter are recruiting skilled people from IIT’s besides, offering them with high salaries. To illustrate, Twitter announced their new CEO from Indian origin university hence, capabilities matters then studying in overseas.

    On the other hand, sending students for higher education has its own drawbacks. Since, monitoring of children is not possible, so they can misuse freedom and do unnecessary things which will have legal complications and tarnish their carrier. Although education is better when compared to native colleges, parents must spend their entire life savings to pay college fees, not only this can create extra burden, but also land them into indebt. Unfortunately, only few colleges offer scholar ships for international students which is not appreciating, in regard of innumerable students enrolling for higher education.

    To conclude, there are fair and share advantages and disadvantages, although studying in foreign country have benefits like better education and high salaried jobs, it is certainly important to protect them from wrong doings.

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