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  • Divya Bharathi

    April 15, 2022 at 7:49 PM

    Over the past two decades, internet has taken a wide spread across for all the shopping needs and other necessities. Most of the tasks, which usually consume time or energy, are now replaced with simple online applications, but it also comes it threats like phishing, spam and worm attacks. In the following paragraphs, the reasons with explanation will be given why shopping via internet is the most hassle free job.

    To begin with, most importantly now days most of the people are working and all the important tasks such as booking tickets and transferring money are done via online itself. Working women’s can buy groceries and other domestic appliances in shopping sites rather than spending time in shops physically. In addition to it, most of the high paid jobs are commonly seen in IT field. For example, previously people need to travel to libraries or bookstores to get books, now it is simply replaced by e-book, which is more cost effective and eco-friendly.

    Even though, they are huge benefits from the online shopping, on the flip side, there are numbers of fraudulent cases are getting registered due to inputting our credentials in many websites. However, the mistakes that happen in a paper work can be corrected with witnesses, whereas the same cannot be expected with the online services. Meanwhile, they are huge hindrances involved with internet shopping, such as security issues, duplications and hacking despite the heavy security layers.

    To conclude, there are many ways that our information can be misused when we use online services, but with proper usage and security, internet shopping is one of easiest and most effective way to do our day to day tasks.

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