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  • Lovely

    April 26, 2022 at 1:23 PM

    It is a belief that volunteering should be added in higher secondary curriculum. This essay will look at how voluntary work can improve their personality and soft skills, then discuss in what manner these curriculum activities valued by universities.

    Education must be an unlimited source and those drills also develop their skill such as, personality, team work and discipline. Particularly, the best way to enhance these ability through community services. Although, it is also helping to develop social responsibility among students. The unpaid services helps them to understand society issues lucidly. It will encourages student to become better person who is reliable to achieve anything through their persona. For example, during Diwali festival excessive bursting is a reason of thick smog in the cities. Many schools runs this campaign with the help of management and students and aware localities with their slogans and presentation of
    “say no to cracker”. However, it is a sensitive concern to work upon.

    In addition, These unpaid events helps students to uplift their CV while they apply for higher education or job opportunities. Moreover, in present day numerous educational institutions follow and execute government guidelines to engage and help them to come forward and participate to boost up their knowledge and prove own creativity.

    To summarize, We should definitely add these creative sources up to graduate level, so that each and every participant can proof his/her creativity and ability. Which will make them more confident, fearless and presentable.

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