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  • anagha

    April 27, 2022 at 4:18 PM

    The bar chart represents the spending on fast foods, hamburger, fish & chips and pizza by three groups : high , average and low income groups in millions.

    Overall, the hamburger was very popular to high and average income groups. people who have low income prefer to have fish and chips for their meals.

    Hamburger consumed mostly by the high and average income earners was 46 and 33 millions respectively. later on hamburger consumption was reduced 3/4 by lower income groups around 15 millions. pizza came as second in expenditure of high income groups was 19 millions, which was about two times more than average income group. fish and chips were more attractive to the average income group rather than high income group. it stood 25 in the consumption of average income but only 16 to the high income group.

    lower income earners loved fish & chips more than any other fast food meals. the spending on this food reached 16 million was the same as the consumption of by upper class. However, the lower income group spent lessor amount on hamburger and pizza was 14 and 5 severally.

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