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  • Aanchal

    May 4, 2022 at 6:14 PM

    The cases of obesity are increasing globally among teenagers, but some people believe its government duties and others believe its parents who are responsible for it. In my opinion, both of them are equally responsible for it. In this essay, there will be a logical explanation of both views along with a conclusion.

    Government plays a major role in regulating the health of their youth. They should take measures such as putting unhealthy food on high taxes and introduce exercise compulsory during their school. By increasing the tax on junk food there price also rise as a result they become expensive and unaffordable. In other words, children can’t regularly spend their money on fatty foods or drinks. Also, including physical activity when they are in premises of institute they engage in exercise and learn ways to work upon their health. For instance, half an hour of physical activity during there assembly daily can be good action taken for their students and it is improving there health out of compulsion.

    Caretaker should also be held accountable for deceasing fitness of their children. They should educate there offspring and engage them is some form of physical activity. Teenagers are spending there most of their time guardians, it’s parents responsibility to teach them about importance of nutrition, portion size and how unhealthy eating pattern and lifestyle are affecting there physical and mental health. Parents have major role in the shaping the lives of there little ones, hence, they should use this role wisely by involving them in exercise. In order words, they should instill necessity of workout for leading long and disease free life.

    In conclusion, some people stand with the viewpoint that government is held answerable for deteriorating for there youth obesity, others hold guardians responsible for it. Both parties contribute to poor health to growing children, they should do effort from there end to make future generation fit and active.

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