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  • Banumathy

    May 10, 2022 at 1:26 PM

    Nowadays, supermarkets are trying to sell numerous imported items from all over the world instead of selling the goods that were produced locally. This essay will be discussing main reasons for this new trend in sales. In my opinion, it is good news for those who are interested to buy best and trendy products available in the market.

    When we think about the positive aspects, we are able to get some of the fruits and vegetables throughout the year irrespective of the season. For example, Indian Alphonsa mangoes are available in super markets of middle-east all over the year. In the same way, pears from South Africa, apples from Kashmir are easy to pick up and enjoy the delicacy instead of going to their native place. Not only the food items, even the electronic items are procured from different countries all around the world to promote sales as well as better customer’s satisfaction.

    If we think about the negative aspects, for example, vegetables and fruits produced by the local farmers are not having demand because these imported items are available at cheaper price and the consumers are not ready pay more cost, when they are able to get the same for lesser amount. Secondly, people are more attracted to experience the new taste rather than having the same old palate. So, it has become a new trend to try different items from different countries.

    I would like to conclude here that buying imported goods has given wide opportunity for the people to acquire best of the products all around the world.

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