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  • Pratik

    May 12, 2022 at 3:37 AM

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am writting this letter to you regarding a transfer to our head office for a Six months

    Rescently I got a call from our head office that one of the IT guy Mr kim has some serious Healthissues and has been Hospitalised and due to his Abesence lot of work is been pending so they want me to take over his work schedule for next six months.

    I believe it wont be a problem as we have a good manning in our company and Miss Leena can take handover from me for my pending works which she can easliy put to work. i have already submitted my previous project to sir marshal and there is no up coming events. The only works which i have is some Tecnical problems within the KOT machine in main kitchen. I have already set a schedule in our department which will be reslove soon. Rather then that i have few issues in our guest review app which i’ll do it by tonight.

    Miss leena has showen her skills resloving errors within the systems which was down for two days and since then she has build up her work ethic. She has been taken major role in one of our previous project. Miss leena has taken responsibility has IT network administracter and handle it nicely. I would request her to handle my work and i would give a proper handover of my pending work.

    I’ll wait for your respone

    Your sincerely

    Pratik P Dani

    systems manger

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