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  • isha

    May 15, 2022 at 7:57 PM

    Some people believe that education plays a primary goal in becoming a good person in society, while others believe education encourages an individual to achieve their ambitions. Education plays a vital role in an individual’s well-being in society and their holistic development. This essay will discuss and contrast both sides.

    Firstly,(No need to say Firstly we will discuss) how an individual plays a vital role in society. A society is a place where there is a group of people living together, helping each other with a pure heart. This symbolises humanity. So, when an individual pursues education, this automatically reflects on his way of behavior. Although he is educated and becomes a rising example for his younger generation to become a useful people in society.(This sentence is incomplete as you have used although…use yet with it)

    An individual should set a goal and aim high to achieve the target in order to pursue his/her ambitions. I believe if you are dedicated to something then you will definitely aim to achieve it. Nowadays, we can see many individuals are target-oriented and they achieve their goals through their hard work. So, they tend to pursue higher education to have the best title for themselves. For example, an individual who pursues a career at Symbiosis University also tends to qualify for a master’s from foreign countries as well. Although education is important for each and every individual in society as well as to pursue their ambitions. Education is also important for each and every individual to have better future prospects.


    Corrections are in bold and italics.

    The conclusion is missing.

    One part of the question is not complete.Clarity is missing.

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