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  • Kapil

    May 17, 2022 at 9:59 AM

    In this 21st century, science and technology have made life easy for human beings, but due to over utilization, the common obstacle is faced by almost every metro city which is the traffic jam. This essay will suggest that the main causes by this phenomenon are the migration of local community and easy access of private vehicles and then argue that development of the rural areas and utilization the public transport are the most viable solutions.

    To begin with, the foremost problems caused by traffic congestion are that a group of people have moved from rural area to urban and individual are preferring to use own vehicle. Firstly, there are number of reasons lead to civilization for resettling in metro, such as find employment, earn degree from reputed school or university, and enjoy modern life-style. Secondly, it has became easy to keep personal transport options for everyone, in addition many have more than one for the pastime. For instance, Mumbai got the first rank for the most congested metro city in the world, where almost every one faces the issue of traffic, because of overcrowding who are influenced by way of life and making the money.

    On the other hand, possible solutions to these problems would be increase the scope of living in the countryside and promote to use general transportation. Firstly, government have authority to take decisions, so they can focus on the development of the villages such as start the new factories so villager can find job at their own place, and open the schools and colleges so students can earn degree without leave their hometown. Secondly, ministry can make arrangement for locals to get easy transit from source to destination through their transportation, and promote some scheme to attract the passengers. For example, Delhi ministry has launched huge numbers of buses, and they declared transportation free of cost for the ladies and children, which has been getting most successful project for two years in the country.

    To conclude, steaming the traffic congestion caused by lack of opportunities in the rural and wish to use own wheels, but possible solutions could be taken initiative by administration to improve the possibility for the villagers and encourage to society for use their public services.

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