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  • Pranav

    May 19, 2022 at 8:02 PM


    The given bar graph illustrates the amount spent in million pounds on junk food items such as Hamburger, Fish & Chips and Pizza by various income groups in the UK.

    Overall, it is observed that people who earned more spent more on the Hamburger whereas the Pizza was least consumed by the poor. Average Income group spent more on Fish & Chips in comparison with the other two groups.

    The wealthy spent almost the same amount on Hamburger; 47 Million Pounds, which was spent by Average and Low groups combined. Fish & Chips were consumed equally by the wealthy and the poor whereas Average Income group consumed it more; 24 Million Pounds. Pizza was least favorite amongst all, high income group being the only exception where the expenditure was just 13% more than Fish & Chips.

    People with less earnings spent the least on the fast foods, their combined expenditure of 38 million pounds didn’t even match high income group’s hamburger expenses. Fish & Chips were enjoyed the most by group with average earnings. Their expenditure was nearly 53% higher than the rich and poor.

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